Jesus is Lord

by Vince Finnegan on November 9, 2008
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Acts 2:22 and 23 Peter is speaking in the most public place in Jerusalem and saying things that would assure public and religious resistance, things for which he saw his Lord crucified. Why is he so bold?

Acts 2:4 He was filled with the holy spirit (which is an idiomatic way of saying he was empowered and influenced by the holy spirit). When Peter spoke that day, he exercised his free will to allow the Christ in him to have supremacy and thereby to give him boldness, confidence, understanding, wisdom, and authority to speak to and comfort everyone who was present.

Act 2:24-32 From this day forward, the message about Christ is his resurrection. Romans 1:4

Acts 2:33-36 Yahweh said to my Lord (Jesus Christ), Psalms 110

Acts 2:38 Repent and receive the gift of holy spirit.

Acts 3:1-10 Peter, filled with the holy spirit, walked with power and authority.

Acts 3:14 The holy and righteous one

Verse 15 The prince of life

Acts 3:20 Jesus the Christ

Acts 3:21 The period of restoration will be when the Kingdom comes.

Acts 3:22 A prophet like Moses

Acts 4:10 Jesus Christ the Nazarene

Acts 4:27 Your holy servant, Jesus

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