Marriage & Divorce

by Sean Finnegan on October 21, 2007
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I. Marriage: the original intent
a. Marriage is between a man and a woman
Gen 1.27-28; Gen 2.7, 22, 24; Mat 19.4-5
b. Marriage involves sexual union
Gen 1.28; 4.1; 1 Cor 6.16; 7.2-4
c. Marriage is a covenant
Malachi 2.14; Prov 2.17; Matthew 19.6
d. Marriage is a life-long commitment
Rom 7.2;
e. Marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman
1 Cor 7.2;
f. Marriage is a figure of Christ & his bride
Ephesians 5.22-33
g. Separation from the world
i. Our standard for truth is the Bible
ii. We are the new creation, the community of redemption
2 Cor 5.17-21; John 3.3; Rom 6.4; Gal 6.15;Rom 8.20-23

II. Divorce: when the marriage is broken
a. Old Testament Instruction on Divorce
i. Deuteronomy 22.13-21; 24.1-4
ii. Though it was permitted, God hates it (Mal 2.16)
b. New Testament Instruction on Divorce
i. Jesus cuts to the heart of the matter in Matthew 19.3-9
ii. Divorce is not for "any cause"
1. There is only one exception mentioned in Mat 5.32 & 19.9
iii. Mat 5.31-32; 19.3-9; Mark 10.2-12; Luke 16.18; 1 Cor 7.8-16
iv. Divorce is not the unpardonable sin
c. Other reasons why we should not divorce
i. It causes great pain to all involved
ii. It causes Christians to go to court with one another (1 Cor 6.1-11)
iii. It shows that world that Christianity doesn't work when it comes to marriage.
iv. It destroys our witness of unity to the world (John 17.20-23)

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