Brethren (1 Corinthians 15)

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on October 7, 2007
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Verse 1 "Brethren" is used 28 times in this epistle which has eleven major concerns ten of which are behavioral and one doctrinal (the resurrection).

Paul as their minister evidences God's great mercy and longsuffering in dealing with them. He is not tolerant of their sin, rather provides instruction and encouragement without discarding them.

Verse 2 "If" states a condition for salvation you hold fast the Word.

Resurrection is integral to our faith. Greek philosophy believed in the immortality or reincarnation of the soul, but scoffed at the resurrection.

Verses 3-8 The Scriptures and eyewitnesses provide assurance that Jesus did raise from the dead.

Matthew 27 Judas saw the resurrected Christ (verse 5 said the twelve, and verse 7 all the apostles, which included Judas).

Verses 9-19 If there is no resurrection, then Christ is not raised, and our faith is a joke.

Verse 20 Christ is the firstfruits, which implies two things: he was the first resurrected from the dead, and there will be more. Sleep is used for death because it is a temporary state with no consciousness.

Verse 22 Everyone before Christ, including Enoch, Melchizedek, Moses, and Elijah, died and has stayed dead (Hebrews 9:27).

Verse 23 When Jesus returns, the resurrection of the just will come to pass. 1,000 years later, all who have lived that did not believe will be raised in the resurrection of the unjust. No one except Christ has been raised thus far. The belief that there is immediate life after death is not biblical.

Verses 35-49 At the resurrection, we will be given a new body with a new life. The person is raised, not parts of the person (like his soul, spirit, or body).

Verse 54 Death is not swallowed up in victory until the resurrection.

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