Filled with the Spirit

by Vince Finnegan on May 13, 2007
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Acts 4:1-3 The priests and Sadducees could justify putting them in jail because of what is written in Deuteronomy 13 warning them about prophets or dreamers who do signs and lead the people away from YAHWEH.

The High Priest was a Sadducee, as were many in the Sanhedrim. The Sadducees denied the supernatural. They affirmed the freedom of human will and the oral traditions. They were rationalists in religion. They were religious undoubtedly, for they believed in God and in the Mosaic Law, but they denied every story of the miraculous. They believed neither in angels, spirits, nor resurrection.

Acts 4:6 Caiaphas and Annas were those primarily responsible for the torture and death of our Lord. They were perhaps the most evil men alive at that time.

Acts 4:8; Luke 12:11 and 12, 21:10-15 Jesus had prepared them for just such an occasion. Indeed, the spirit was with them and was providing the words needed.

Filled with the holy spirit, they had clear vision, absolute certainty, strong passion, and unflinching courage. They were under the power and influence of the spirit, not their own limited human ability. They stood in the midst of their Supreme Court with unflinching courage. Weeks earlier the thought of these men caused them to hide behind closed doors in overwhelming fear.

Acts 4:11 Jesus also referred to Psalms 118:22 in Mark 12:10 and 11. In the parallel passage, Luke 20:17 and 18, the rejected stone is linked with the stumbling stone of Isaiah 8:14 and 15 and with the great stone in Nebuchadnezzar's dream which struck the image so that the wind carried its dust away like chaff (Daniel 2:35). In 1 Peter 2:6 the rejected stone is further linked with the precious cornerstone of a sure foundation laid in Zion (Isaiah 28:16), which is also interpreted as Christ by Paul in Romans 9:33.

Acts 4:13 They spoke of the men as having been with Jesus in a past tense. Little did they understand that Christ now lived inside these men and was empowering them to do the things they were all experiencing.

Acts 4:29 They prayed for more confidence to speak; then they were bold.

Acts 4:31 "Boldness" is free and fearless confidence, cheerful courage, and assurance.

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