The Spin

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on November 26, 2006
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I Samuel 15:1-9 They did not want to destroy the best, but everything despised and worthless they were willing to destroy. They had no problem killing all the people except the king and the best animals they spared. Their decision was based on their own personal gain without regard to God's command.

I Samuel 15:10-15 His actions were in direct disobedience to God's command. In a military situation the commander must be listened to or the war may be lost. Indeed the Amalekites return to power and in the time of Judges take Israel captive. THE SPIN I did what I did because of the people and for the glory of God. People put a spin on their evil deeds so as to be able to live with themselves.

I Samuel 15:16-21 THE SPIN I did what I did for a good reason. Shifting the blame and blocking himself from receiving the forgiveness of God.

I Samuel 15:22-31 He admitted he sinned but blamed the people for his wrong doing, which means he never really repented and consequentially never received God's forgiveness.

I Samuel 15:32- 35 The prophet carried out the will of God but the king never did.

I Samuel 16:14 and 15 Because Saul did not deal with the sin it opened him up to the influence of evil spirits.

I Samuel 18:10-11 The spirit influence grew worse to the point of Saul trying to kill David, the Lord's anointed. When we put a spin on evil we embrace it rather than eliminate it.

Matthew 27:1-6 Judas tried to put a good spin on the evil he committed but was not able to do so.

Matthew 27:8-10 The chief priests tried to put a spin on things so they could live with themselves.

I John 1:5-10 To look our sin in the eye and feel the full force of it's ugliness takes courage because it is painful. However, in order to receive forgiveness we need to do so.

James 5:12-16 Sometimes we need to confess our sins to another so that we can eliminate the spin and be honest within.

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