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Notes for this teaching are limited to the slideshow presented during the last half hour.

Bringing the Life Model to LIFE
Essential Needs & Tasks For Maturity NOTE: Each stage builds on the previous stage: therefore each stage includes the needs and tasks of the previous stage. The 'ideal age' is the earliest age at which new tasks can be attempted. The end of that stage expects some degree of mastery. In no way does our maturity determine our value, but it does determine the level of responsibility we can handle.


Ideal Age: Birth > Age 4

- Joy bonds with both parents that are strong, loving, caring, secure
- Important needs are met without asking
- Quiet together time
- Help regulating distress and emotions
- Be seen through the "eyes of heaven"
- Receive and give life
- Have others synchronize with him/her first

- Receive with joy
- Learn to synchronize with others
- Organize self into a person through imitation
- Learn to regulate emotions
- Learn to return to joy from every emotion
- Learn to be the same person over time
- Learn self-care skills
- Learn to rest


Ideal Age: Ages 4 > 13

- Weaning
- Help to do what he does not feel like doing
- Help sorting feelings, imaginations and reality
- Feedback on guesses, attempts and failures
- Be taught the family history
- Be taught the history of God's family
- Be taught the "big picture" of life

- Take care of self (one is enough right now)
- Learn to ask for what he/she needs
- Learn self-expression
- Develop personal resources and talents
- Learn to make himself/herself understandable to others
- Learn to do hard things
- Learn what satisfies
- See self through the "eyes of heaven"


Ideal Age: Age 13 > first child

- A rite of passage
- Time to bond with peers and form a group identity
- Inclusion by the same-sex community
- Observing the same sex using their power fairly
- Being given important tasks by his/her community
- Guidance for the personal imprint they will make on history
- Opportunities to share life in partnership

- Take care of two or more at the same time
- Discover the main characteristics of his/her heart
- Proclaim and defend personal and community (group) identity
- Bring self and others back to joy simultaneously
- Develop a personal style that reflects his/her heart
- Learn to protect others from himself/herself
- Learn to diversify and blend roles
- Life-giving sexuality
- Mutual satisfaction in a relationship
- Partnership


Ideal Age: From 1st child until youngest becomes an adult at 13

- To give life
- An encouraging partner
- Guidance from elders
- Peer review from other fathers or mothers
- A secure and orderly environment

- Giving without needing to receive in return
- Building a home
- Protecting his/her family
- Serving his/her family
- Enjoying his/her family
- Helping his/her children reach maturity
- Synchronizing with the developing needs of: children, spouse, family, work, & church


Ideal Age: Youngest child is an adult

- A community to call his/her own
- Recognition by his/her community
- A proper place in the community structure
- Have others trust them

- Hospitality
- Giving life to those without families
- Parent and mature his/her community
- Build and maintain a community identity
- Act like himself/herself in the midst of difficulty
- Enjoy what God puts in each person in the community
- (Seeing each of them through 'eyes of heaven')
- Building the trust of others through the elder's own transparency and spontaneity

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