Lead By The Spirit

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on March 29, 2006
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Matthew 4:1 The spirit led Jesus into the wilderness. The Greek word translated "led" is elsewhere translated "brought." The spirit led Jesus to do.

Mark 1:12 "Impelled" is a much stronger word which is also translated "cast out" in the context of casting out demons.

Luke 4:18 The spirit throughout the Scriptures leads people to do. Unclean spirits are the same way-- they are purposed to cause the person to think and do unclean things. The spirits are not passive, content to lounge around doing nothing (Luke 9:39-42).

Luke 11:9-13 We still must operate freewill and allow the spirit to influence us. It will never force you beyond your freewill.

John 16:13 The spirit will guide you.

Acts 2:4; 10:46; 19:6 The thing they all evidenced was the outward manifestation of the inward spirit which gave absolute proof that they were connected with God. They experienced God not just thought about Him. Very powerful when you experience truth because it provides indisputable proof that cannot be argued.

Romans 8:10-18 Those led by the spirit are the sons of God. The spirit is the assurance that God will fulfill His promise about the return of Christ.

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