The Master's Walk

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on October 24, 2004
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The Master's Walk - Who Hears?

Luke 4:14-18 (Isaiah 61:1 and 2) He was anointed to preach to the meek. Jesus was not sent to those who would not listen.

Luke 4:22 The response of the hardhearted. What are his credentials?

Verse 26 Old Testament is the foundation of the New Testament. I Kings 17; Elijah

Luke 4:27 Elisha healed Naaman, the captain of the army of Syria. The Syrians were the enemies of Israel.

Verse 29 Indeed they were just like the people of Israel in the time of Elijah and Elisha.

Verse 32 Doctrine was with authority.

Verse 41 The devil knew who he was: Christ, the Son of God - not Christ God.

Verse 43 His mission was to preach the Kingdom of God.

Luke 5:1-11 Peter was not meek because he was "more knowledgeable, more experienced" than the Lord.

Verse 12 The leper was like Naaman the Syrian (Leviticus 14).

Luke 5:16 Jesus prayed! How dependent are we?

Verse 25 The Pharisees were not meek; the lame man was meek.

Verse 26 God was glorified!

Verse 27 A publican, the worst in their culture. He had the qualifications to be Jesus' apostle.

Verse 32 This was our Lord's ministry, and it is ours. The "self-righteous" do not repent. Humble sinners will repent.

Verse 39 Are we new or old bottles?

Luke 6:1-11 The man was meek; the Pharisees were mad.

Verse 12 Jesus prayed all night.

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