God's Judgment

by Rev. John Cortright on July 24, 2005
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God's Judgment: Death, Hell & Hell Fire

Exodus 34:6-7a (NASB) God is a God of judgment.

The first judgment of God upon mankind occurred with Adam's original sin.

Romans 5:12 All men will die, due to this judgment of God.

I Corinthians 15:22 - " In Adam all die." Hebrews 9:27 - "man is appointed once to die."

What happens when a person dies? What is Hell? (Hebrew = Sheol ) 31 times translated "grave;" 31 times translated "hell;" 3 times translated "pit." (Greek = Hades ) 1 time translated "grave;" 10 times translated "hell." Sheol and Hades simply mean "gravedom." It is the state of being of all those that have died. It is not the physical plot of land or the cemetery plot. But rather it is the place and state of being of the dead.

Psalm 6:5; Psalm 49:7-10, 14-15; 89:48; Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10.

Jesus was in Sheol or Hades for 3 days and 3 nights, but it was not possible that the power of the grave could hold him (Acts 2:22-27).

Now this judgment of death and hell which is upon all mankind, has been redeemed through the work of Christ.

I Corinthians 15:21-23

Jesus spoke of this future resurrection of life at his coming (John 5:24-29).

Revelation 20:1-15 There are going to be two resurrections in the future - the resurrection of the just and the resurrection of the unjust. There will be 1000 years between these two resurrections, during which time Christ will reign in the millennial kingdom. At the end of the 1000 years, the devil, the unjust, death and hell will be thrown into the lake of fire and will be destroyed.

The second death is not gravedom, but the second death is the lake of fire. Mark 9:45-47 (the word "hell" in these verses is the word gehenna).

Hebrew derived from two words: Gah-ee=valley+Hinnom;(means:the valley of hinnom)

Jeremiah 19:1-15

Luke 12:4-5

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