Sacrifice and Forgiveness

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on March 28, 2010
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Philippians 3:9 and 10

Leviticus 4:14 -- 20

  1. First acknowledge the sin. This first step seems like it should be apparent, but it is often not so for people are slow in acknowledging sin.
  2. Bring sacrifice to the door of the tent.
  3. Lay hands on the head of the animal to identify with the transfer of sin to the animal.
  4. Slay the animal.
  5. Anointed priest takes the blood in to the tent.
  6. Prepare the animal and offer it on the altar.
  7. Atonement and forgiveness are received.

2 Chronicles 6:18-21 Solomon's great request was when they prayed toward this temple, God would hear in heaven and forgive. They were to identify with what happened at the temple, the sacrifices, atonement, and forgiveness.

Verse 22- Sins against his neighbor

Verse 24 -- Defeated before an enemy because of sin

Verse 26 -- When the heavens shut up and there is no rain because of sin

Verse 28 -- If there is famine, pestilence, or sickness because of sin

Verse 32 -- The foreigner prays toward this house.

Verse 34 - When Your people go out to battle

Verse 36 -- When they sin and are taken away into captivity

John 2:19-21 Jesus referred to himself as the temple that they would destroy; indeed, in many ways he was the temple. Jesus is the place of atonement and forgiveness. Just like the animal sacrifice, the people killed Jesus, the final sacrifice.

Matthew 26:61 The only thing the witnesses could agree upon

Matthew 27:40 With the crucifixion, the old temple was destroyed, Matthew 27:51 He certainly was the temple of God because God dwelt within him. With his death, the temple in Jerusalem became null and void as the center for sacrifice and forgiveness. Jesus from that day forward became the standard for sacrifice and forgiveness. We no longer turn to the temple and pray for forgiveness; rather, our eyes are upon Jesus and the cross for our forgiveness.

Mark 14:58 The new temple today is the Church. Another temple is coming in the future different from all that proceeded.

1 John 1:7-ff

  1. Confess our sin
  2. Repent or stop sinning
  3. The sacrifice has already been offered on the cross.
  4. The blood has been brought into the holy of holies by Christ our high priest.
  5. We must indentify with or lay our hands on Christ and accept that our sins are laid on him.
  6. Receive the forgiveness.

When he returns, the temple in Jerusalem will be much different. It will be similar to the time of David when the people celebrated, praised, and gave thanks without the sacrifices. Jesus will sit on the throne in the temple of God and rule the world.

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