The Destiny of the Messiah

by Mr. Sean Finnegan on December 11, 2005
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The Destiny of the Messiah

Luke 1:26 Elizabeth's sixth month of pregnancy (v 24&36)

Gabriel also appears in Daniel 8:16; 9:21; Luke 1:19

Luke 1:11-20 "I am he who stands in the presence of God..."

Nazareth was a small unpopular town in Galilee that is never mentioned in the Old Testament or in any other historical document before Jesus was born. It is also possible that Nazareth had a bad reputation (John 1:46).

Luke 1:27 engagement (betrothal) was more formal and binding in their culture. Money changed hands between the parents to "purchase" the wife. After engagement was official, unfaithfulness was considered adultery and would result in divorce or stoning.

Luke 1:28 Gabriel said, "Greetings favored one! The Lord is with you." The word translated "greetings" or "hail" means to be cheerful, to rejoice, especially as a salutation.

Luke 1:29 When was the last time an angel enthusiastically greeted you?

Luke 1:30 "Do not be afraid" (Daniel 8:17; Luke 1:12 and 13)

Luke 1:31 Jesus (Yeshua) means "Yahweh saves;" was a common name at the time (comparable to the modern name, Joshua).

Luke 1:32 He will be great (same as was said of John the Baptist in verse 15)

"He will be called" = "he will be"

The son of the Most High (I Chronicles 17:13)

The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David (Ps 132:11; I Chr 17:14)

He will reign over the house of Jacob (Israel) forever = He is the One that for more than 1,000 years had been expected by the descendants of David

He is also the One who would undo the sin of Adam by crushing the serpent (Matthew 1:21; John 12:31; Romans 5:12,ff)

Kingdom will have no end (Daniel 2:44; 7:13 and 14).

Luke 1:34 She asked for clarification as to how it would happen

Luke 1:35 This son would be the special creation of God Himself through His creative influence and power, the holy spirit. Just like Adam, (God formed him from the dust) Jesus would be specially made by God without a human father.

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