Thankfulness and Lepers

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on November 7, 2010
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2 Kings 5:1 According to the prophet Micaiah, Yahweh did help Syria to defeat Israel and Judah although Naaman may not have known that to be true.

2 Kings 5:5
Some people will try desperate measures to gain healing, and many others just resign to the fact that they are sick and nothing can be done about it.

Verse 11
His reaction seems somewhat normal. He predetermined how his healing was going to take place, and when it did not go that way, he got angry. He did not have the response of a humble man. He knew how to bring about his own healing!

Verse 13
Wise and good counsel

Verse 14
He was obedient to the specific instruction that was given to him and received his healing.

Verse 15
He did the right thing in glorifying God and expressing thankfulness.

Verse 19
Naaman had the right heart and did the right thing.

Psalms 107:1-43
“Let them give thanks to the LORD for His lovingkindness, and for His wonders to the sons of men!” Thankfulness is the manifestation of a conscious, awake, vitalized, vibrant heart. When we are connected with God, we are grateful.

2 Kings 5:20-27
Gehazi’s actions are diametrically opposite because his heart was full of greed and self-interest. The whole story serves as a metaphor with the one freed from leprosy abounding in thankfulness and the other given entirely to selfishness contracting leprosy.

Luke 17:11-19
When we experience God’s goodness, the right response that should automatically occur is to glorify and thank Him. The failure to respond accordingly speaks to the egocentric nature of man and his corresponding oblivious awareness. When we step back and view this incident, we may marvel at the absurd behavior of these nine unthankful men. Yet, we too are often guilty of the same.

Colossians 3:12-17
- Be thankful!

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