by Rev. Vince Finnegan on January 9, 2011
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Matthew 7:1-12 Jesus commands us not to have a judgmental attitude that tears others down. We are to treat people the same way we want to be treated.

Romans 2:1-3
Our perspective is very limited, and quite often our perceptions of people and situations are wrong. Whenever we measure out self-determined harsh judgments of others, we become the sinner and will receive the judgment of God.

Romans 14:1-15:7
This chapter addresses the need for believers to love each other without strings attached but simply because we all belong to God and are in the same family.

Verse 4
How could anyone allow himself to become so prideful that he harshly criticizes someone whom God has chosen to be in His family?

Matthew 7:15
We must judge what the prophets are saying to decide if it is right to believe.

Acts 20:29-31
Paul’s exhortation is very alarming and must be heeded.

1John 4:1
We must judge what we listen to, comparing what is said to the Scriptures. Two extremes to avoid are a reckless open-mindedness and a stubborn narrow-mindedness.

Acts 17:11
We must search the Scriptures to see if these things are so.

1Corinthians 5:1-3
Paul confronted the church for not judging.

Verses 4-13
We must be able to judge what a person is doing to the degree it will not ill effect us.

James 1:5
Ask for God’s wisdom to avoid hypocritical judgments and to maintain wise judgments.

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