Faith Builders

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on March 13, 2011
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Exodus 3:1-22
Yahweh is present! The most effective way to strengthen faith is to receive reassurance that Yahweh is present. Allow God time to communicate to you through contemplation and prayer.

Joshua 1:1-9
Yahweh assured Joshua that He was with him.

Joshua 6:1-20
Faith and obedience go together; the walls came down. When we obey Godís Word, we can have confidence the walls will come down.

Judges 7:1-22
- Have no confidence in your own ability; rather, allow God to fight the battle for you. The sword of the Lord is with you.

Judges 15:9-20
No matter how monumental the circumstances, with God all things are possible. God can use the least significant thing in His creation to confound the mighty and wise.

1Samuel 17:26, 41-50
- The battle is the Lordís. View life from a spiritual perspective, not a flesh and blood viewpoint. Faith soars when the mind is stayed on Yahweh and diminishes when focused on self.

2Kings 4:1-7
Ė Do your part by following Godís directions, and have faith that He will provide.

Isaiah 37:10-20
Ė Lay your concerns before Yahweh, and do not let yourself be intimidated.

Romans 8:31-39
Ė Make Godís Word your declaration.

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