Still Devoted

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on June 5, 2011
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In the time of Moses, the people were required to give their firstborn − both human and animal. Remember the Levites took the place of the firstborn children. So that the Levites could serve God, the children of Israel gave tithes of all, that is 10% of all, and always were to give the first fruit. God got the best rather than the leftovers. They also gave of their time. Each week, they observed the Sabbath, and three times a year they had a weeklong feast and other special days of observance. God was not to be the last activity or the afterthought; rather, God was to be first in everything all of the time.

Acts 4:32-36
The believers shared a common mind, an open consistent fellowship, and were generous.

Acts 5:1-11
Ananias and Sapphira threatened the purity and commitment of the church.

One would think that the situation would have had a negative impact, but the opposite happened.

Acts 19:13-20
Again, the opposite of what one would expect happened.

Acts 5:17 and 18
Jealousy is an extremely powerful motivation which inspires unlimited evil.

When God is on your side, no prison can hold you in.

The mission of the church is exceptionally clear when we have eyes to see.

The bad guys were greatly perplexed. Really! What can anyone do to stop the movement of God?

Their boldness was supernaturally driven.

Gamaliel presented sound reasoning which we too must consider.

Their commitment and passion provide the example we should follow.

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