Guided by the Holy Spirit

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on August 7, 2011
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Matthew 4:1 The spirit is not a person rather a thing. Right in the beginning of the Bible in Genesis 1:2, we see that the spirit is the creative, animating power or divine influence of God. The gift of holy spirit bestowed upon those of faith is Godís supernatural empowerment designed to help believers to know and do the will of God.

God is not lead by the spirit rather He leads others with the spirit including his son. Jesus walked perfectly his meekness and obedience to the spiritís leading.

Mark 1:12
the spirit drives him but does not force him It guided him!

Luke 4:18
consecrating Jesus to the Messianic office, and furnishing him with the necessary powers for its administration

Acts 10:38
he was anointed with holy spirit and power

John 1:19-36
Each record of John he talks about Jesus baptizing with spirit which has a different purpose

Acts 2:4, 33

Luke 11:9-13
faith that we have this empowerment, willingness to accept its leading and aggressiveness asks, seeks, knocks

John 16:13
the spirit will guide you not just teach you if you are willing to be guided.

John 14:12
in the context of teaching about the spirit he makes this statement

Psalm 29:1 and 2
the purpose of the spirit is help with reconciling the world and to glorify Yahweh

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