No Compromise

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on June 10, 2012
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Daniel 1:8-21 The kingís orders were contrary to the dietary restriction of the Torah, so they refused to compromise.

Daniel 3:1-30
They did not know if God would deliver them or not, but they did know that they were not going to compromise and worship a false god so that they could fit in and preserve their lives.

Daniel 4: 28-37
The great king in the world after seven years of living like an animal came to the understanding that Yahweh is the true God and He only deserves worship.

Daniel 5:1-6, 25-31
The great kingdom of Babylon disrespected Yahweh and in the end paid the price.

Daniel 6: 10- 23
Daniel was taken out of the lionsí den because he trusted God.

Daniel 6:28
Darius understood who was in charge.

Daniel 7:3
Four great beasts come out of the sea. In Revelation 13:1, the beast comes out of the sea.

Daniel 7:6
The first three beasts - lion, bear, and leopard (Revelation 13:2)

Daniel 7:7
The fourth ruler is so dreadful and terrifying there is no beast to compare.

Daniel 7:14
Kingdom of God is set up.

Daniel 7:17
Vision explained

Daniel 7:23
Last world kingdom

Daniel 7:27
Godís Kingdom will prevail.

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