Yahweh Rules

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on October 28, 2012
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Isaiah prophesies about Babylon over 100 years before its rise to world power.

Isaiah 47:1 Babylon is designated a virgin. From the context, it means it was immune from the attacks of foreign invaders.

From sitting on the world throne, she comes down to sit in the dust.

– engaging in the task of the lowest menial slaves

– Babylon will be seen for what she really is

- Three of Yahweh’s attributes: 1) the Redeemer 2) LORD of hosts 3) Holy One

– Babylon was the queen of all the kingdoms in her day as it will be in the end

- the reason God judges them is stated. Babylon was unaware of the purposes of the sovereign God and believed that she was in control of her actions. She misused her privilege and opportunity and exhibited cruelty in her dealings, and so she must be humbled. Unaware, Babylon was carrying out the designs and intents of Yahweh, yet her own motives were sinful and corrupt.

Daniel 2:2
Nebuchadnezzar’s counselors were magicians, conjurers and sorcerers; all of which are evil. To Yahweh they are an abomination (disgusting, detestable and hated).

Nebuchadnezzar experienced the true God

again Nebuchadnezzar experienced the one true God

Nebuchadnezzar becomes a believer yet his grandson totally disrespects Yahweh

Isaiah 47:8
– they spoke words that are only fitting for Yahweh Isaiah 42:8; 43:8-20; 45:5-18

– the counterfeit power cannot stand against the power of Yahweh

Daniel 5:1-30
the end of Babylon in one night

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