Praise Your Glorious Name

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on July 14, 2013
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1 Chronicles 29:10 – “Blessed” means venerated, honored in worship. 29:11 & 12 This is the language of someone blessing or praising Yahweh.

Praise Your glorious name.

– David thought of himself as a temporary inhabitant, a foreigner, and tenant.

The temple was built not for the people but for His holy name.

– Fundamental elements for proper worship are integrity of heart and willingness.

20 – 1Kings 8:54-61
God must help us to maintain the right intentions and heart.

Psalm 7:17
– Give thanks to Yahweh; sing praise to His name (18:49; 30:4; 68:4; 92:1).

Psalm 8:1 & 9
– Yahweh our Adonay Lord is a title spoken in place of Yahweh in Jewish display of reverence.

Majestic – grandeur, sovereign, power, authority, greatness, splendor, dignity

Psalm 9:9-11
We are to know His name and all it represents.

Psalm 29:1-9
Everything says glory!

Psalm 54:6
Yahweh deserves our willing sacrifice. Like David and Solomon, we can pray for His help to have the willingness and faithfulness to glorify His glorious name.

Psalm 86:9-12
The reverential heart that should always be ours is evident, but so is our weakness to stay on track – O Yahweh, help us to love You!

Psalms 103:1, 2, 21 & 22; 104:1; 105:1-3

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