by Rev. Vince Finnegan on July 21, 2013
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Ephesians 5: 14 - Sleeping and death both have a suspension of consciousness − the one temporary and the other absolute.

WAKE UP! ARISE! Each Christian has the privilege, power, and responsibility of personal initiative and decision. Grace affords our life with Christ; nonetheless, we are never independent of personal responsibility and free will.

- “Circumspectly” – careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences; prudent – shrewd in the management of practical affairs

- Romans 13:11-14; 1Thessalonians 5:4-11; Ecclesiastes 9:10; 11:6

The greatest tragedy of all is a wasted life. Ephesians 4:17-19

- Dissipation – causing to spread thin or scatter and gradually vanish; spending or using up wastefully or foolishly; the pursuit of pleasure. Proverbs 20:1; 23:29-35

- The Psalms of David were sung by the Jews at the temple and by the early Christians. They speak the language of devotion at all times.

A hymn is properly a song or an ode in honor of God.

Spiritual songs relate to spiritual things and are in contradistinction from those which were sung in the world. Colossians 3:16; Psalms 95:2; 105:2

- Ephesians 5:4; Php 4:6; Colossians 1:11 & 12; 3:17; 1Th 5:18

Eph 5:22-24 Wives to their husbands (Col. 3:18; Titus 2:5; 1Peter 3:1-5)
Eph 6:1-3 Children to their parents in the Lord
Eph 6:5-8 Servants to masters (employees to employers)
Ro 13:1-5 Every person to the governing authorities in the country and church
1Pe 2:13 To every human institution, whether to a king or governors
1Pe 2:18 Servants to your masters with all respect
1Pe 5:5 Younger men to your elders

A person at peace within himself due to his relationship with almighty God is one who can willingly submit to others. Ephesians 4:1-3

22-24 - The wife is provided a clear-cut standard to determine her responsibility − as the church is to Christ. Ephesians 1:2, 3, 15, 17 Jesus is our Lord.

25 - The husband is given an extraordinary standard to emulate.

26 - As Christ sanctified (set apart) the church, so the husband selects and sets apart this woman as his own to love, cherish, protect, honor, help, provide for, commit to for life.

Christ lived, taught, and brought the Word into the relationship, likewise husbands.

27 - He worked with the church helping us to be what he wanted us to be. His tactics were not ungodly such as force, intimidation, bullying, threatening, manipulation, silent treatment, ignoring, or other ungodly controlling strategies.

“Having no spot or wrinkle” = opposite of holy and blameless. 1Peter 2:13; Ephesians 1:4; Colossians 1:22 -

28 - The way a man cares for his own body provides another example of how he is to love his wife.

29 - “Nourish” means to promote the growth, to furnish or sustain with nutriment, feed, maintain, support. Cherish – to hold dear, feel or show affection, to keep or cultivate with care and affection

30 - Christ nourishes and cherishes the church as being of one flesh with him. The concept leads us to the next verse where the husband and wife are one flesh.

32 - The husband’s position as head and his duty of sacrificial love and devoted care for his wife are but pictures of Christ as head, of his love, self-sacrifice, and concern for his church. The dependence of the wife on her husband and her duty to accept his leadership are a picture of how the church should live and act towards Jesus.

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