Power of the Gospel

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on September 1, 2013
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Acts 19:10, 20, 26, and 27 The gospel changed the 12 men, spread throughout all Asia Minor, and broke the back of the Artemis’ worship.

Romans 1:16
The powerful gospel believed has eternal ramifications. The words of Martin Luther King Jr. influenced the culture of our country for two generations. The words of God hold eternal results.

Hebrews 4:12
The Word of God discerns the seemingly indiscernible and divides the seemingly undividable – soul and spirit, joints and marrow, thoughts and intentions [purposes].

2Corinthians 10:3-5
We take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ by thinking the Word and not destructive thoughts.

The word of God is perfect. It converts the soul.
The word of God is sure. It makes the simple wise.
The word of God is right. It causes the heart to rejoice.
The word of God is pure. It enlightens our eyes.
The word of God is true and righteous altogether.
Acts 17:1-5 The gospel powerfully effects people, the meek in a favorable way and the prideful in a hostile way

– They turned the world upside down.

The Bereans proved the Word for themselves by studying the Scriptures.

– Paul moved on and continues to speak the gospel.

Mark 4:13-25
- The gospel always has some response.

The Great Awakening of the 18th century swept across England, Germany, and the American colonies and roused a spiritual revival that changed the course of history. One of the three men most responsible was George Whitefield.
One man awake awakens another,
The second man wakens his next door neighbor,

And three awake can rouse the town,
and turn the whole place upside down.

And many awake can raise such a fuss,
That it finally awakens the rest of us.

One man up with dawn in his eyes - multiplies.

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