by Rev. Vince Finnegan on May 10, 2015
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Acts 2:14-16 Peter explained what happened by quoting the Scripture from Joel 2:28

– The prophecy was about the beginning of the church age and the end of the church age when Christ returns. A big part of the gospel is the return of Jesus Christ when the Kingdom of God will begin. Most churches today confuse the gospel by wrong teaching that eternal life begins with death.

- That which was not understood throughout the ages because it was kept secret was now revealed. Even the apostles did not understand when Jesus directly told them. Luke 9:24 and 25

– Psalm 16, David spoke of the resurrection that is also part of the gospel. Jesus was the first person resurrected and as such is a type for those who will be when he returns. He is the first fruit of the resurrection.

– Psalm 132:11 Jesus sitting on the throne of David is also part of the gospel.

– Psalm 110:1 Jesus now is at the right hand of God in heaven until the day he returns to take the throne of David here on earth.

– The heart of the gospel is Jesus is Lord, the Christ. “Christ” and “Messiah” mean the anointed one

– At the time Peter spoke, he did not understand the full meaning of the words he spoke, just as with many of the prophets who went before him. “All who are far off” included the Gentiles.

– We indeed live in a perverse generation, and the only way out is the lordship of Jesus Christ.

– The people were deeply moved, and their faith became everything to them. Radical change and commitment occurred.

Forgiveness of sins is also part of the gospel.

The time of refreshing and the period of restoration of all things is for those who believed when the Kingdom comes.

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