The Christians and The Law

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on August 2, 2015
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Romans 5:12-21 Every human is connected to Adam, and every believer is connected to both Adam and the second Adam, Jesus the Christ.

- Because we are connected to Adam, we have the sin nature.

- The Law enables man to identify sin.

- All suffered the consequence of sin regardless of understanding the Law. Adam is a type for Jesus in that those connected to Adam receive his nature and those connected to Christ receive His nature. With the one, comes sin unto death, and with the other, righteousness unto life.

Romans 7:7
By the Law is the knowledge of sin [Romans3:20]. Where no Law is, there is no sin [Romans 4:15]. The Law is a mirror that reveals the inner man and shows us how dirty we are [James 1:22-25].

Coveting is the last of the Ten Commandments, and it differs from the other nine in that it is an inward attitude, not an outward action. Covetousness leads to the breaking of the other commandments. It is an insidious sin that most people never recognize in their own lives, but God’s Law reveals it.

Mark 10:17-27
- The young man was very moral outwardly but had not faced the sins within. Jesus showed him what a sinner he really was, but instead of repenting and turning to Jesus, he walked away. The Law is like Jesus was in this record.

Romans 7:9
- The law arouses sin. Something in human nature wants to rebel whenever a law is given. Believers who try to live by rules and regulations discover that their legalistic system only arouses more sin and creates more problems. Legalism does not make us more spiritual, rather more sinful.

- The Law cannot give life; it can only show the sinner that he is guilty, condemned, and needs a savior.

- The Law shows the sinfulness of sin. Unsaved people know that there is such a thing as sin, but they do not realize the sinfulness of sin. Many Christians do not realize the true nature of sin. We excuse our sins with words like “mistakes,” “weakness.” Until we realize how wicked sin really is, we will never want to oppose it and live in victory

- Having seen what the Law is supposed to do, now we see what it cannot do. The Law cannot transform the old nature; it can only reveal how sinful that old nature is.

It is our union with Christ that enables us to serve God acceptably. For it is God which works in you, both to will and to do His good pleasure.

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