Penitential Psalm

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on November 15, 2015
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Psalm 32:1 and 2 – One chief characteristic of Hebrew poetry is repetition. Repetition serves the important purpose of reinforcing the message by stating a similar or identical for in different ways.

Simply stated, in the least common denominator, sin is disobedience. Forgiveness is freely and graciously given regardless of whether it is for transgression, sin or iniquity.

3 and 4
– Metaphorical language magnifying the depth and intensity of his despair, hopelessness and the meaninglessness of life apart from the grace of God.

– Three simple steps to receive forgiveness 1) acknowledge the sin, 2) stop hiding it, and 3) confess it.

Psalm 139:23 and 24
– Rigorous honesty with ourselves is necessary, or he will continue in life,
afflicted with sin and its consequences. The temptation to hide and not deal with sin is common however, we must not succumb to it.

– The time of repentance is always now! Many records in the scriptures indicate that the time of repentance can run out for people like in the day of Noah.

– Life is sweet for the penitent sinner.

32: 8-10
– If we allow God to instruct, teach, and guide us we will have the wisdom to live godly lives.

– Be glad in the Lord and rejoice.

Psalm 38:1
– David knew that God would be dust and rebuking him in anger and disciplining him.

– God's rebuke penetrated deep into his being. Not all sickness and unrest are due to sin; however, health and peace can indeed be influenced by sin.

5 and 6
– David did not have an “oops, I sinned” attitude; rather, he deeply sorrow all day long because of his sin.

– When we enjoy fellowship with God, our hearts are filled with joy, peace, and love. On the other hand, this quietness of heart is sin’s result.

– He received no help from friends or family.

15 -21
– Sin, Satan, is as a roaring lion or a ravenous wolf, we will be devoured without the help of God.

Psalm 51

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