Ephesians Reasons for Thankfulness

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on November 22, 2015
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1:1 – The faithful ones in Christ Jesus are saints; holy ones.

– Grace is God’s favor. We have peace with God and, therefore, peace within our souls. Romans 8:5-9 - when we are hostile with God, we have hostility within us.

2:14-17; 4:3; 6:15
– We can have peace with our fellow man even if he wants war.

– Jesus has a God and Father; he is not his own God. [vs. 17] We are blessed with every spiritual blessing.

– Many are called, but only the faithful ones are chosen.

– The kindness of God allows us to be His children.

– God has freely bestowed His grace upon us so we should praise Him.

– The price has been paid to free us from sin. We are forgiven. Colossians 1:12-14

– We have been blessed to know and live what has never been known before.

– With all the many blessings that are ours now, the greatest is yet to come.

2:1- 7
– From dead in trespasses and sins to seated in the heavenly places by grace, we have so much to be thankful for.

– It is vital for us not to forget where we came from so we stay moving in the right direction with the right attitude.

– We are brought near by the blood of Christ.

– Christ is our peace and has given us peace. We are no longer excluded but intimately included into the family of God.

– Each of us is part of the habitation of God. His abode is no longer the Temple in Jerusalem or any church building, rather in each and all of us.

– The mystery hidden from the ages is now revealed, and we are part of God’s eternal purpose.

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