Taking Advantage of the Holidays

by Rev. Sean Finnegan on November 29, 2015
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Matthew 10:5-7, 16-18 Jesus knows his followers are “sheep in the midst of wolves.” He knows people will persecute them and scourge them.

Matthew 10:19-20
However, in their time of need, God will help them know what to say and do.

Matthew 10:21-22
In addition to persecution from strangers, one’s own family members will hate them and even seek to put them to death—all because of Jesus’ name.

Matthew 10:23
His advice when persecution comes is to run on to the next city and keep sharing the message.

Matthew 10:24-25
They are going to call them names! They are not better than he, are they?

Matthew 10:26-33
Even though others will mock and persecute them, this is not an adequate reason for paralyzing fear.

Acts 4:1-13, 17-21; 5:17-42
After repeated arrests and a flogging, Peter continued preaching publicly.

Acts 8:1-5
When the religious leaders stoned Stephen and a great persecution broke out, Philip went to Samaria and shared the gospel there with a hostile audience.

2 Corinthians 11:24-27; 4:8-18
Though he suffered constant criticism, repeated beatings, and incessant imprisonments, Paul would not quit starting new churches.

The likelihood of suffering this kind of physical violence is much lower in our context. Even so, we still struggle to step out in faith. We need to break out of our comfortable, insulated lives. The holiday season provides plenty of opportunities if you have eyes to see.
- Volunteer somewhere
- Help someone in need
- Invite a neighbor over for dinner
- Go Christmas caroling
- Bring a coworker to our holiday party (Dec 11th at 6:30pm)
- Ask a friend if they want to read the Bible one to one

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