by Rev. Vince Finnegan on January 10, 2016
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Genesis 6:1-7 The Hebrew word translated “renown” is “shem” and most often is translated “name.” In the time of Noah, men were busied making a name for themselves rather than glorifying the name of the Lord.

Genesis 11:1-9
“Let us make for ourselves a name” was the concern rather than glorifying the name of Yahweh. Devastation was caused in humanity due to his self-centered desire to make a name for himself.

Deuteronomy 32:1-4; Psalm 113:1-ff
The name of Yahweh is to be praised, exalted, glorified, and held on high.

Genesis 12:1-7
Abraham was one of three great men that were given a great name by God.

1 Chronicles 17:1-14
God promised David that He would give him a great name, and indeed that is exactly what happened.

Matthew 1:1, 17
Abraham and David represent the two great covenants, the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants, and Jesus represents the new covenant and the fulfillment of all the covenants.

Philippians 2:-5-6
The serpent, Eve, and Adam all strived to have equality with God; Jesus did not.

God gave Jesus a name that is above every name, and everyone in heaven and earth will bow before him.

Revelation 3:12
Jesus will be given a new name when the Kingdom comes.

Isaiah 7:14
His name will be Immanuel. Perhaps this is part of his new name.

Isaiah 9:6
He was never called these appellations. Perhaps when the Kingdom comes, he will.

Revelations 2:17
Do not be concerned with making a name for yourself; rather, glorify the name of Yahweh and Jesus.

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