The Courage of Esther

by Rev. Sean Finnegan on February 7, 2016
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Esther's audacity to stand for God, no matter the cost, sets a sterling example for all of us. Her courage may just change your life!

Act 1: Queen Vashti disobeys Ahasuerus
Esther 1.15-20

Act 2: The Search for a New Queen
Esther 2.17

Act 3: Haman’ Plot
Esther 3.8-14

Act 4: Esther Takes a Stand
Esther 4.11, 13-14, 16; 5.13-14

Act 5: Mordecai Exalted
Esther 6.3-11

Act 6: Haman’s Demise
Esther 7.2-6, 8-9

Act 7: The Jews Delivered
Esther 8.15-17

What is one area in your life where fear is holding you back?
What is one change you would make in your life if you had the courage of Esther?
Do you think God would back you up if you made this change?

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