Eternal Security?

by Rev. Sean Finnegan on August 16, 2009
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There are two ditches: "easy believism" (I said a prayer once now I can do whatever I want) and "works salvation" (I have to earn eternal life by doing good works) there a third option?

Abide in him (John 15.1-11; 2 Peter 2.20-22)

Continue in the faith (Romans 11.17-23; Colossians 1.21-23)

It is possible to fall away (Hebrews 6.4-12; 10.23-31, 36-39)

The Day of Judgment foretold (Matthew 7.21-27; Luke 6.46; Luke 12.8-9)

God wants us to make it (Luke 12.32)

With God's help we can persevere!

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