Jesus and Prayer

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on October 9, 2016
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Luke 5:14-16 -- Prayer was vital to Jesus, and he made time no matter what.

6:12 and 13
-- Before making this important selection, he spent the night in prayer.

-- No matter the circumstance, Jesus had the disciples pray.

Matthew 14:23
-- No matter how strained or drained he was, he prayed.

-- His prayer gave him the strength to do the will of God.

Matthew 21:19-22
-- Jesus dynamically illustrated the effectiveness of prayer and vigorously encouraged his disciples to pray.

Matthew 7:7-11
-- Could Jesus be any clearer? Your Lord is telling you to pray for the Father will respond.

John 14:13 and 14, 15:7; 16:23-27
-- During his last teaching before his crucifixion, he gave compelling instructions about prayer.

Matthew 6:5 and 6
-- The first thing Jesus taught is not to be a hypocrite.

7 and 8
-- The concern is not repetition, but vain repetitions because elsewhere we are encouraged to persist. When we pray, we are to engage our hearts.

-- An outline of prayer for disciples

Luke 11:1-4
-- “Lord, teach us to pray...”

-- Persistence

-- Graphic illustration to drive home the point that we are to persist

(prayer for others) is one great way that everyone can serve and minister to others. We all have limits in our service, but can all pray for others.

THANKSGIVING -- 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and 18 -- “In everything give thanks.”

PETITIONS (requests) -- Philippians 4:6

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