He Is Holy

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on January 8, 2017
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Deuteronomy 10:17 -- Yahweh our God is the great, the mighty, the awesome God.

Jeremiah 10:6-7
-- There is none like You.

Creator -- Rev 4:11

Omniscient [all knowing] -- Psalm 147:5

Omnipotent [all powerful] -- Revelation 15:3

Omnipresent [everywhere present] -- Psalm 139:7-10

Sovereign [supreme ruler over all] -- 1 Chronicles 29:10-12

Exodus 33:20
-- You cannot see My face.

Exodus 34:6-7
-- His glory

Exodus 15:11
-- Majestic in holiness

Revelation 15:4
-- For You alone are holy

Psalm 99:

Let them praise Your great and awesome name; Holy is He. [verse 3]
Exalt the LORD our God And worship at His footstool; Holy is He. [verse 5]
Exalt the LORD our God And worship at His holy hill, for holy is the Yahweh our God. [verse 9]

Isaiah 6:1-7
-- The repetition of a name or an expression three times is unusual in the Scriptures. Jeremiah 7:1-4 - The temple of the Lord; Jeremiah 22:29 - land; Ezekiel 21:27 - a ruin; and 2 Samuel 18:33 - Absalom my son. Each instance communicates extreme intensity exhibiting deep emotion and earnestness.

Revelation 4:1-ff
Yahweh’s holiness and other-ness are set forth clearly with the tabernacle and the temple. Their structure with the holy place, the holy of holies, and the cherubim illustrates the holiness and separateness of our God. We are incapable of seeing His face today because of our sinful flesh, but in the end, we will see Him face to face.

God’s holiness powerfully inspires profound awe -- Moses turned away, Israel feared greatly, Moses’ face shone, the seraphim covered their faces, Isaiah immediately acknowledged his sinfulness, the cherubim praise Him day and night, and the elders bow down and worship.

1 Corinthians 1:30
-- John’s reaction to the throne room vision is different from Isaiah’s. Because of Jesus we have forgiveness, sanctification, and access through him to this holy, holy, holy God.

Matthew 6:9
-- Our Father who are in heaven, hallowed be Your name.

1 Peter 1:15 and 16
-- Be ye holy for I am holy
Deuteronomy 10:17 -- Our God is the God -- great, mighty and awesome.

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