I Am the Good Shepherd

by Rev. Sean Finnegan on April 9, 2017
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John 10:1-6 Here we learn several differences between a shepherd and a thief.
1. enters by the door instead of climbing
2. gatekeeper opens to him
3. sheep hear his voice
4. he calls his sheep by name
5. he leads his sheep
6. they follow him and know his voice

John 10:7-10
The shepherd slept at door to keep predators out and the sheep in.

John 10:11-18
Now we see the differences between a good shepherd and a hired hand
- good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep!
- hired hand flees
- hired hand doesn’t care about sheep
- good shepherd knows his sheep
- sheep know good shepherd

John 10:19-21
The people couldn’t decide on Jesus--if he was crazy or christ

John 10:22-26
They asked him if he was the messiah, but he had already told them. This could refer to how several prophets referred to the king of Israel as a shepherd (Micah 5:4; Jeremiah 23:4; Ezekiel 34:23; 37:24).

John 10:27-28
This is everything! Do you hear his voice? Does Jesus know you? Do you follow him?

John 10:28-30
Often v30 is quoted as evidence that Jesus is God, but this goes against the context. Jesus and the Father are one in protecting the sheep, not in substance.

John 10:31-33
In the Gospel of John, the hostile listeners often misunderstands Jesus. We must be careful not to side with the unbelievers. They thought he was claiming to be God, but Jesus clears this up.

John 10:34-39
Jesus quotes the bible to them (see Psalm 82) to show that someone can be called God when they are carrying out the God’s deeds. Other examples of representatives called God(s) include an angel (Exodus 3:3-6), Moses (Exodus 7:1), judges (Exodus 21:5-6), and the king of Israel (Psalm 45:1-7).

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