I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

by Rev. Sean Finnegan on April 23, 2017
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John 14.1-4

variety of ways to understand this:
1. Jesus is coming at your death to take you to heaven
“my father’s house” = heaven
“go to prepare a place” = build a room
“I will come again” = when you die
“take you to myself” = bring you to heaven

2. talking about him coming through the spirit (on Pentecost)
“my father’s house” = “my father’s household”
“go to prepare a place” = his work on the cross atones for our sins so we can enter God’s household
“I will come again” = coming of the spirit
“take you to myself” = dwell in you
cf. John 14.15-28

3. age to come: he goes away and comes back to receive them unto himself (gathering together) so they will be where he is (on earth)
“my father’s house” = temple => God’s presence
“go to prepare a place” = position in the kingdom
“I will come again” = 2nd coming of Jesus
“take you to myself” = resurrection
“that where I am you may be also” = Jesus’ destiny is to rule the world, so we will be with him

“The only other time he’s used the expression it referred to the temple. The point about the temple, within the life of the people of Israel, was that it was the place where heaven and earth met. Now Jesus hints at a new city, a new world, a new ‘house.’ Heaven and earth will meet again when God renews the whole world. At that time there will be room for everyone.”
--N. T. Wright, John for Everyone: Part Two (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2004), p. 58.

Matthew 25.31-34 "inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world"

John 14.4-11 Jesus claims he is God’s representative

John 14.10 Jesus' works are the Father's works
John 14.24 Jesus’ words are the Father’s words
John 7.16 Jesus’ teaching is the Father’s
John 4.34 Jesus’ food is to do the Father’s will
John 5.19, 30 Jesus can do nothing on his own
also see Jn 6.38; 8.26, 28, 42; 12.49-50

Jesus is the clearest image of God you can get in a human being. Jesus did what God wanted done in a given situation. Jesus said what God wanted said in a given situation. When you looked at Jesus you saw through him to God himself. So, rejecting Jesus is rejecting God. You can’t have God and not Jesus.

John 14.6 Jesus talks in an unusual manner. This one verse is like a bone caught in our society’s throat. Even so, these words are actually good news for our society.

Objection 1: All religions say the same thing, basically
Objection 2: All religions have a bit of the truth (piece of the pie)
Objection 3: The only reason why you believe these facts is because of where you were born in America into a Christian family
Objection 4: Evangelism is arrogant because it involves trying to convince other people that their views are at best inadequate and at worst wrong

The truth is everyone is an “exclusivist.” We can’t help it. It’s how we’re wired. Everyone thinks their take on life is the best!

Jesus is the way! Jesus is the truth! Jesus is the life!

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