I Am the True Vine

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on April 30, 2017
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John 15:1--2 -- Who is the true vine_______________, vinedresser (farmer) _______________, branch________________?

Why does the vinedresser cut away dead or overgrown branches or stems?

-- Circle the correct answer. “Apart from Jesus, we can do” -- most things, some things, a few things, nothing.

-- The branch that does not stay connected to the vine is gathered up and cast into the fire, and it is burned. What will happen to you if you fail to abide in Jesus? ____________________________________________________________

Jesus’ instruction on prayer during this teaching made clear we are to pray to him or the Father? (Circle correct answer.) John 14:14; 15:7 and 8; 16:23--28

Jesus established a new standard for prayer. Before Jesus, believers prayed directly to Yahweh; while Jesus was on earth, they asked him; and after he ascended, we are to ask the Father in his name. Ephesians 1:15--20; 3:14--21

-- To stay connected to Jesus, we are to abide in his ______________, and to abide in his love, we are to keep his _______________________. His commandments are written in the ________________________.

Galatians 1:10--12
The New Testament was given through a revelation of _______________________. When we obey the New Testament, we obey the words of Jesus Christ that he received from the Father.

Jesus is the head of the body or church, and each individual member of the body is directly connected to the head as we obey. He teaches, leads, and guides us to the Father.

Acts 7:54--60
Stephen saw the glory of God and Jesus standing at His right hand. He spoke to Jesus.

An angel and the spirit spoke to Philip.

Jesus got Paul’s attention! In 10--16, we see Jesus told Ananias what to do.

Angel of God spoke to Cornelius; 1 Peter 1:22 -- angels are now subject to Jesus; 13--16 -- Peter referred to the voice as “Lord”; 19 -- the spirit, 28 -- Peter said God had shown him, 34--43.

The Scriptures do not provide a technique or __________ for God speaking to His people. The important issue is that He does speak and that we listen.

Ephesians 1:1--3, 15--17; 6:4--13

Hebrews 2:14--18
Jesus is our__________ in times of temptation.

Hebrews 4:14--16
Because of Jesus, we find grace to help in _________________.

Jesus tells us who he is:
I am the bread of life
I am the light of the world
I am the door to the sheepfold
I am the good shepard
I am the resurrection and the life
I am the way and the truth and the life
I am the true vine

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