by Rev. Vince Finnegan on June 4, 2017
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Acts 1:3 Jesus continued to teach the Kingdom of God.

Jesus provided detailed teaching about the holy spirit at the last supper.

John 14:12-31:

- The spirit of truth is our helper.
- The holy spirit is the replacement for Christ himself on earth.
- The spirit helps the disciple like Jesus did before the ascension.
- The spirit of truth will be with the disciples until the end of the age.
- The spirit equips the believer to be just like Jesus.
- The spirit of truth enables Jesus to nurture each disciple.
- The oneness relationship with God, Christ, and the believer is available and understood by means of the holy spirit.
- The holy spirit is a teacher of all things and a reminder of Jesus’ teachings.

John 16:4-33:

- The spirit of truth is more advantageous than the present Christ.
- Christ is now in each person who has spirit which enables him to teach his disciples more effectively than when he was here on earth.
- Disciples have the responsibility to witness the gospel to others, but the holy spirit has the responsibility to convict the hearer.
- The spirit has no separate will or personality; rather, it serves as a means for Jesus to communicate with and empower his disciples.
- The spirit of truth guides the believer into the all truth.
- The genuine use of the spirit always brings glory to Christ and God.

Acts 1:5
Baptism, John and Jesus - Matthew 3:11; Luke 3:16; Mark 1:8; Acts 11:16

6 and 7
Kingdom on their mind

He will come back. Now, do what he commanded.

Who was the “they”? _______________ Where were they? _______________

2 and 3
Was there a rushing mighty wind? Yes or no. Were there tongues of fire? Yes or no.

Filled with the holy spirit, they began to do what? ______________________.

Peter answered their question of what this meant by quoting Joel 2:28-32. In your own words, what did it mean? ________________________________________________________________

Who performed the miracles, wonders and signs? ___________________

Who else besides Jesus ascended into heaven? _____________________

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