The Beginning of the End

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on April 1, 2018
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John 12:7; Matthew 26:10-13 Anointed for his death

Mark 15:42-46
Entering the court of a Gentile and touching a dead body, Joseph became ceremonially unclean to eat the Passover. It is hard to conceive how difficult a task this was for Joseph.

Luke 23:50-51
Joseph was a member of the Sanhedrin.

John 19:38-42
Nicodemus wrapped his body according to their burial custom.

Matthew 27:62-66
Guards at the tomb

Matthew 28:2-4
This is the only information about his actual resurrection; no one else saw him get up, but many saw him in his resurrected body.

John 20:1-10
The first person to believe that Jesus was raised from the dead

John 20:11-17
Mary Magdalene is the first one to see our Lord in His resurrected body!

Luke 8:3
Mary was delivered from 7 demons.

John 20:18
The disciples did not believe her.

Mark 16:11
They did not believe her.

Luke 24:1-11
The women along with Mary believed, but the disciples did not.

Matthew 28:5-10
These women saw Jesus.

Matthew 28:11-15
Bribed the guards

Luke 16:31
Raised from the dead

Luke 24:12
Peter goes to the tomb a second time.

Luke 24:13-33
Two unbelieving disciples

Luke 24:34ff
Because he got up, we too will do so. When he returns, his resurrection is the beginning of the end.

The importance that Jesus placed upon the Scriptures is astonishing. Christianity should be founded upon the truth contained in the Scriptures and not on man-made traditions.

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