What's Your Script

by Rev. Sean Finnegan on June 7, 2009
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The Good News
1. kingdom
a. origin is in Genesis creation
b. promises to Abraham
c. Davidic royal line chosen
i. 2 Chronicles 17.11-14
d. pre-exilic prophets
i. Isaiah 2.1-4
ii. Isaiah 35.4-7
e. exilic prophets
i. Daniel 2.44
ii. Daniel 7.13-14, 18, 22, 27
f. post-exilic prophets
i. Zechariah 14.6-9
g. John the Baptist
i. Message of repentance in light of the coming kingdom
h. Jesus' ministry
i. gospel proclamation (Luke 4.43; Matthew 4.23; 24.14)
ii. teaching the way of Jesus (i.e. Sermon on the Mount)
iii. healing/exorcism
iv. radical acts of love to outcasts
v. parables (Matthew 13)
vi. calling of 12 and promise to reign (Matthew 19.28)
2. crucifixion
a. 1 Peter 2.21-24
i. for our sins
ii. to show us the way of Jesus
iii. to enable us to die to sin and live the way of Jesus
3. resurrection
a. Jesus really is the Messiah (Acts 17.31)
b. defeat of evil (Colossians 2.15)
c. we too will be raised (1 Corinthians 15.20)
4. holy spirit
a. fire of God
i. tongues, prophecy, healing, boldness (Acts 2.4)
b. empowered to live the age to come now
i. fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5.22-23)

Effects of Believing the Gospel
1. given a bright future
a. 2 Timothy 1.10
2. given a new life to live now
a. 2 Corinthians 5.17
b. Romans 6.4

Walter Bruegemann's 19 theses (play first nine in audio plus slides)
1. Everybody lives by a script. The script may be implicit or explicit. It may be recognized or unrecognized, but everybody has a script.
2. We get scripted. All of us get scripted through the process of nurture and formation and socialization, and it happens to us without our knowing it.
3. The dominant scripting in our society is a script of technological, therapeutic, consumer militarism that socializes us all, liberal and conservative.
4. That script (technological, therapeutic, consumer militarism) enacted through advertising and propaganda and ideology, especially on the liturgies of television, promises to make us safe and to make us happy.
5. That script has failed. That script of military consumerism cannot make us safe and it cannot make us happy. We may be the unhappiest society in the world.
6. Health for our society depends upon disengagement from and relinquishment of that script of military consumerism. This is a disengagement and relinquishment that we mostly resist and about which we are profoundly ambiguous.
7. It is the task of ministry to de-script that script among us. That is, too enable persons to relinquish a world that no longer exists and indeed never did exist.
8. The task of de-scripting, relinquishment and disengagement is accomplished by a steady, patient, intentional articulation of an alternative script that we say can make us happy and make us safe.
9. The alternative script is rooted in the Bible and is enacted through the tradition of the Church. It is an offer of a counter-narrative, counter to the script of technological, therapeutic, consumer militarism.

What is a script?
1. it's a story but it is also something that "programs" you

We are the resurrection people. We are the spirit people. We are the kingdom people. We are the future of humanity--those whom God has redeemed in advance of his global redemption project.

We are privileged and commissioned to give the world a foretaste of the kingdom through our actions and words, by modeling a new way of doing relationships, by performing outrageous acts of cross-shaped love to a world that is numb, consumeristic, obsessed with sexuality, terrified of extinction, and generally over busy, under paid, and bored.

We offer the world a new script. We are the people of God who have a prophetic message to deliver, a message of hope and forgiveness...a message of value and purpose...a message of freedom....about a God who is dedicated to fixing up this place and who will one day send his son to make everything wrong with the world right.

This gospel is what I have dedicated my life to, and Lord willing this is what I will continue to preach all my days...although I will always remain open to learning more...who among us can say that we are completely sure that we have all the truth...considering the fact we have been deceived in the past

The greatest gift I could give you is the desire and ability to think on your own, rather than just accept whatever it is I say...so check it out...read this book...ponder it day and night, when you sit down and when you rise up...it is the REVELATION God has given us to know him and to know truth...we neglect it at our own peril

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