The Fall

by Rev. Vince Finnegan on November 4, 2018
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Genesis 2:16-17 Humans and spiritual beings such as angels and cherubim were created with self-determination, the ability and right to choose.

Genesis 3:1 The serpent - Revelation; Ezekiel 28:11-19

Genesis 3:2-5
He baited Eve by misquoting and placing doubt about God’s words, motives, and integrity.

Genesis 3:6
With disregard for God’s very clear and specific commands, they ate the fruit. What Eve saw and desired was considered of greater value than God’s word.

Genesis 2:25
compared with 3:7. The divine nature was replaced with what we now call human nature with its self-consciousness and self-focus. Their actions reveal that the centrality of God died that day replaced with the centrality of self.

Their once open, holy, loving relationship with God was reduced to hiding from His presence.

3:11-12 God’s approach and questions provided Adam the opportunity to confess his wrongdoing and ask forgiveness (Job 31:33)

3:13 Adam and Eve originally bore the image of their Creator, but after the fall, His image in them was greatly diminished, if not completely destroyed in many aspects.

Romans5:12-21; Ephesians 2:1-3 As descendants of Adam and Eve, we have their likeness of deadness.

3:14 The consequence was expulsion from the loftiest position in God’s creation to the absolute lowest. He is now lower than the lowest living being.

3:15 Although God’s desire for a loving family relationship with people was greatly damaged, His purpose was not altered at all. He immediately devised a plan to redeem humanity and reinstate paradise.

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