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God According to the Torah

https://youtu.be/cCI6LpRtibY By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Vince Finnegan"] To God be the glory - Romans 16:27; Galatians 1:5; Ephesians 3:21; Philippians 4:20; 1 Timothy 1:17; 2 Timothy 4:18; Hebrews 13:21; 1 Peter 4:11; 5:11 God is not who we want Him to be; rather, He is who He says He is regardless of our understanding, acceptance, or approval.…
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Yahweh the Supreme Creator

https://youtu.be/tSO106waGnA By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Sean Finnegan"] The God of the Bible is the supreme creator of our ordered world. He is utterly unrivaled in his role as God over all. His name is Yahweh, which implies that he is the existing one, the one who always is. Thousands of times the Bible employs singular pronouns for…
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