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Evangelism and How Not to Pray

The rush and thrill of evangelism is a pleasure which far too few Christians avail themselves. Nonetheless, Jesus was emphatic: his followers were to go and preach the Good News as a witness in all the inhabited earth. And despite the best of intentions, who can say sharing the message of Christ--his sacrificial death and…
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Our Living Hope – Resurrection & the Gospel

https://youtu.be/dIyK_bEUqoY By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Sean Finnegan"] Death is our biggest problem. Many of us actively avoid behaviors that will shorten our lives while cultivating habits that are good for us. Others put their hope in scientific breakthroughs to lengthen their lives. Most religions hold out an afterlife to those who do more good deeds than bad…
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What If I’m Wrong?

Most of us are probably too scared to ask this question, especially about the big questions of life. We might be able to admit we are wrong about picking a car mechanic, forgetting to bring an umbrella, or choosing something off the menu at a restaurant. But how many of us are willing to ask…
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The Gospel We Preach

https://youtu.be/xopajl5gn9c By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Victor Gluckin"] The gospel is good “news.” 1 Samuel 31:6-9 - The Philistines spread the “good news.” Luke 1:11-14, 18-19 - Gabriel announces “good news” to Zacharias. Luke 2:10-11 - Angel shares “good news” with shepherds. Good News:    1. Something has happened.    2. Something will happen.    3. Something is…
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