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One God in Early Church History

https://youtu.be/Or5KAXkc6Jc By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Sean Finnegan"] In the first three centuries, Christians held a variety of christologies, including subordinationist and egalitarian. The only egalitarian theory prior to the fourth century was modalism—the Son just is the Father (held by Sabellius and others). Nearly all Christians held to one of three subordination christologies. The Gnostic approach saw…
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Hellenism And Christianity, Part 2

The September/October Glad tidings has the first article on this subject wherein was stated the toxic effects of Hellenism upon Christianity. After the death of the original apostles in the latter part of the first century and the centuries following, the “church fathers,” considered eminent theologians, started to change the doctrine set forth in the…
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