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How Does That Work?

When we are kids, we all have questions. We ask, “Why is the sky blue?” “How long is an hour?” and “Why can’t I stay up later?” As we age, our curiosity about the world slowly fades. We learn pat answers and move on with life. Not the investigator. This personality type needs to know.…
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How Can I Be Awesome?

Are you an achiever? Do you get a little burst of joy each time you accomplish a task, no matter how small? Do you take pride in your hard-earned accomplishments? Are you eager to share your accomplishments when you first meet someone? Are you driven to be the best? If you answered, “Yes,” to these…
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The Bible’s View of the Human Body, 5: Personhood Theory

The Bible’s nuanced and practical view of the body has lost much ground in our culture today.  In its place, a new understanding has grown up that draws a strong distinction between the body and the mind.  Much of this thinking grew out of the work of René Descartes (1596-1650), a French philosopher and mathematician…
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