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Date Teacher Title
12/15/2019 Pastor Sean Finnegan God Is Compassionate
12/08/2019 Vince Finnegan God Is Just
12/01/2019 Sean Finnegan God Is Holy
11/24/2019 John Cortright God Is Who He Says He Is
11/17/2019 Vince Finnegan God Is Powerful
11/10/2019 Sean Finnegan God Is Unique
11/03/2019 Jerry Wierwille Love the Unloveable
10/27/2019 Sean Finnegan Love the Lost
10/20/2019 Vince Finnegan Love Others
10/13/2019 John Cortright Love God
10/06/2019 Sean Finnegan Facing Anxiety: The Future
09/29/2019 John Cortright Facing Anxiety: Life's Situations
09/22/2019 Thom Riley Facing Anxiety: Finances
09/15/2019 Vince Finnegan Facing Anxiety: Fear and Relationships
09/08/2019 Sean Finnegan Facing Anxiety: God Can Help
09/01/2019 Jerry Wierwille What If We Praised Enthusiastically?
08/25/2019 John Cortright What If We Walked by Faith?
08/18/2019 Vince Finnegan What If We Had a Heart for Evangelism?
08/11/2019 Sean Finnegan What If We Welcomed Outsiders?
08/04/2019 Ralph Waldow What If We Loved Like Jesus Loved?
07/28/2019 Sean Finnegan What If We All Valued Children's Ministry?
07/21/2019 Vince Finnegan What If We All Attended Home Fellowships?
07/14/2019 John Cortright What If We Lived Like the 1st Century?
07/07/2019 Sean Finnegan What If We Connected Across Generations?
06/16/2019 Vince Finnegan Kingdom Prophecies (Isaiah Part 5)
06/09/2019 Sean Finnegan Christ, the Suffering Servant (Isaiah Part 4)
06/02/2019 John Cortright Hezekiah and Deliverance from the Assyrians (Isaiah Part 3)
05/26/2019 Sean Finnegan Come, Let Us Reason Together (Isaiah Part 2)
05/19/2019 Vince Finnegan Here Am I, Send Me (Isaiah Part 1)
05/12/2019 Sean Finnegan Life of Mary
05/05/2019 Vince Finnegan Speak Life
04/28/2019 John Cortright Resurrection Prophecy
04/21/2019 Sean Finnegan Resurrection Faith
04/14/2019 Rev. Vince Finnegan Anointed
04/07/2019 Rev. John Cortright The Passover Lamb
03/31/2019 Matthew Elton Serving God as a Single Person
03/24/2019 Vince and Mimi Finnegan Serving God as Grandparents
03/17/2019 Sean and Ruth Finnegan Serving God as a Married Couple
03/10/2019 John and Connie Cortright Serving God as a Family
03/03/2019 Rev. John Cortright The Coming Kingdom of God
02/24/2019 Rev. John Cortright The Manifestation of the Spirt
02/17/2019 Rev. Vince Finnegan Magna Carta
02/10/2019 Rev. Vince Finnegan Freedom
02/03/2019 Rev. John Cortright The Paraclete
01/27/2019 Rev. John Cortright A Secret - Hidden from Ages Past
01/20/2019 Rev. Sean Finnegan The Christ Event
01/13/2019 Rev. Sean Finnegan Parables of Jesus
01/06/2019 Rev. John Cortright What Do You Think about Jesus?
12/30/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Teachings of Jesus
12/23/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Chain of Miracles

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