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Date Teacher Title
12/16/2018 Rev. John Cortright The Messiah
12/09/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Hosea: Scorned Lover
12/02/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan The Mosaic Covenant
11/25/2018 Rev. John Cortright Give Thanks
11/18/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Abraham
11/11/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Consequences of the Fall
11/04/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan The Fall
10/28/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan God's Book
10/21/2018 Rev. John Cortright The Reason Why
10/14/2018 Rev. John Cortright Israel Trip
10/07/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Fellowship and Sonship (1 John)
09/30/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Yahweh Loves You
09/23/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan The Most Important of All
09/16/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Ezra: Believer, Teacher, Revivalist
09/09/2018 Rev. John Cortright Preach the Word
09/02/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Follow the Leader
08/26/2018 Rev. John Cortright The Preeminence of Christ
08/19/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Chase the Prize--Philippians
08/12/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Mystery Revealed--Ephesians
08/05/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan God's Plan -- Join In!
07/29/2018 Rev. John Cortright More Words of Jesus
07/22/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Hypocrisy (Matthew 23)
07/15/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Servant of Jesus Christ
07/08/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Overcomers
07/01/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Certain
06/24/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Who Do You Say That I Am?
06/17/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan My Beloved Son
06/10/2018 Rev. John Cortright Healing the Man Born Blind
06/03/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Washing Jesus' Feet
05/27/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Freedom from Fear
05/20/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Confident Christianity
05/13/2018 Rev. John Cortright Children of God
05/06/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Angels and Demons 2
04/29/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Angels and Demons
04/22/2018 Rev. John Cortright What the Hell?
04/15/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Heaven's for the Birds
04/08/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Truth or Fiction
04/01/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan The Beginning of the End
03/25/2018 Deanna Drummond Life and the Pursuit of Righteousness
03/18/2018 Rev. John Cortright Fight the Good Fight of Faith
03/11/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Be You (Colossians 3)
03/04/2018 Rev. Jacob Rohrer How To Treat Other Christians
02/25/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Five Much Mores
02/18/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Insurrection
02/11/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Ascension
02/04/2018 Rev. John Cortright Spiritual Warfare
01/28/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Revelation 20: Millennial Kingdom
01/21/2018 Rev. Sean Finnegan Matthew 25: Kingdom Ready
01/14/2018 Rev. John Cortright Matthew 24: Do Not Be Deceived
01/07/2018 Rev. Vince Finnegan Jerusalem

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