Freedom in Christ

By Sean Finnegan

No one is totally free.  We all give up certain freedoms for others.  For example, we give up our freedom to eat dessert so we can live longer and feel better.  We give up our freedom to stay at home so we can make money and do something productive.  We give up our freedom to say what we really think so we still have friends.

Freedom from the Law
Galatians 4:21–5:1   Because of what Christ has done, we who belong to him are no longer enslaved to the Law of Moses.  Though God has set us free, we can submit again to the yoke of slavery.

2 Corinthians 3:12–17   Christ has unveiled a new reading of the Old Testament, giving us a new perspective and a new clarity.  Furthermore, God’s spirit has now taken the place of the external laws that God had given
His people.

Freedom from Corruption
2 Peter 2:18–22   Whatever overcomes you is your master.  Are you enslaved to sinful impulses?  If you are free from doing what’s right, you’re enslaved to hedonistic whims (flesh).  If you are free from the corruption of flesh, you’re enslaved to following Christ.

Romans 8:19–23   Ultimately, God will set our whole world free from its slavery to futility.  In fact, creation itself is groaning in anticipation of our freedom when God will likewise set us free in resurrection from our bondage
to corruption.

How To Use Your Freedom
Galatians 5:13; 1 Peter 2:16   Don’t use your freedom for your flesh; instead, serve others in love.  Do you want real freedom?  Put yourself second.  Confess Jesus as Lord.  Become Christ’s servant, and you’ll find
true freedom.

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Freedom in Christ

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