Ruth 1 Loyalty

By Sean Finnegan

Ruth 1:1 The period of the judges was a chaotic time characterized by tribalism, warfare, and lawlessness.

Ruth 1:2 Due to the terrible behavior of the Moabites towards the children of Israel, God had banned Moabites from ever entering his assembly.

Ruth 1:3-5 Naomi lost her husband and both her sons.  She became a childless widow—a devastating situation in any time, but even more so in the ancient Near East (Ex 22:21-24; Deut 14:28-29; 10:17-18;
24:17-22; 25:5-10).

Ruth 1:6-14 Naomi couldn’t impose a life of poverty and servitude on Orpah and Ruth.  They could still get married again if their fathers could arrange new marriages.

Ruth 1:15-18 Orpah was a good woman, but Ruth was great.  Orpah did what was right, but Ruth did what was heroic.  Orpah did the logical thing, but Ruth did the compassionate thing.  Above all else, Ruth demonstrated loyalty driven by compassion—the very same kind of chesed God demonstrates to his people (Ex 34:6-7).

Ruth 1:19-22 Naomi returns home with her head held low.  People can barely believe it’s her, but her story isn’t over yet…

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Ruth 1 Loyalty

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