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The Scriptures -- Inspired by God
By Rev. John Cortright on 06/15/2008


The Bible is not an ordinary book written by men. The author of the Bible is God.

John 1:18a; I Timothy 1:17 No one has seen God at any time. How did the invisible God produce a book that can be read by mortal man?

II Peter 1:20-21 This needs to be known "first of all." The Scriptures came from God. He is the author of this collection of writings, and as such, the instruction from this book takes on unique significance. The prophecy of Scripture did not come by way of human will. Holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. When the spirit of God came upon individuals and moved them to action, then the people would prophesy and speak on behalf of God. (Numbers 11:25)

Jeremiah 36:4, 18 "He dictated all these words to me, and I wrote them with ink on the book."

The Bible has at least 30 different writers, but only one author -- God. These men prophesied, using their vocabulary and their own writing style, but the content of the message originated from God. For over 1,500 years of history, with over 30 different writers, God moved, by way of His spirit upon men, and brought about the Holy Scriptures.

Galatians 1:11-12 Paul did not receive the Gospel from any man. It came to him by way of a revelation of Jesus Christ.

I Thessalonians 2:13 The Gospel message that we preach is not a conjured up man-made religion. It is not the word of men. It is the word of God. Do you believe it?

I Peter 1:24-25 People come and go, but the Scriptures will stand. Whether anyone believes it or not, the truth of the Gospel will come to pass for God has declared it! Men will fail you. Organizations will fall. But the Word of the LORD will endure forever!

II Timothy 2:8-9 Paul was writing to the young man Timothy. Paul was coming to the end of his life. He wrote this epistle while imprisoned. However, Jesus Christ was not imprisoned! The Messiah has risen from the dead! And the Word of God is not imprisoned!

II Timothy 2:15 Whose approval do you seek? When we accurately handle the Word of truth, we do not need to be ashamed before our God.

II Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture is inspired by God. The word "adequate" in this verse is the Greek word artios which means: complete, capable, proficient, and able to meet all demands, perfect of its kind, suitable, exactly fitted, and perfect. It was used in Greek literature to describe a ship fully equipped for its voyage. The word "equipped" is a derivative of this word. It is the Greek word exartismenos, and it means: having been finished, fully equipped, being thoroughly prepared, being furnished perfectly.

The Scriptures make us perfect, adequate, fully equipped for the voyage.

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