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You of Little Faith
By Rev. John Cortright on 08/12/2007


Matthew 6:25-30 You of Little faith

"Little faith" = oligopistos - (Used 5 times in the Gospels)
oligos = small or little; pistis = faith

Oligos can mean small in size, small in quantity, or small -- short period of time.

Faith has an aspect of endurance. James 1:2-7. When you ask God, be patient. Have endurance. Do the things you know to do, and move on. Do not doubt.

Matthew 8:23-26 Why are you afraid?

Matthew 14:22-32. Petered asked the Lord. Jesus gave him one word -- "Come". There is no secret formula here. Peter asked, the Lord gave him the word, and Peter acted. That is faith.

Peter took his eyes off the promise and looked at the circumstances around him. He doubted. His faith was short in duration. But he then did the right thing. He cried to the Lord -- "Save me". And immediately Jesus responded, to help his faith. The wind did not stop until both Peter and Jesus were back in the boat.

Matthew 16:6-12. They had doubt from self consciousness. God will not forsake you when you make a mistake.

Luke 12:28-32. God has gladly chosen to give you the kingdom. Don't worry. Seek it. Have faith.

Luke 17:5-6. If you have the promise of God, faith like a mustard seed can do miraculous things.

Luke 17:7-10 Do what you've been called to do. Have faith. And when your done today. Have faith tomorrow.

Luke 18:1-8. Keep on praying and do not lose heart.

Have faith until the end.

Hebrews 6:9-12

Hebrews 10:35-39

James 5:7-8

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