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The Devil
By Rev. Vince Finnegan on 05/14/2006


The Devil

He Has Authority
Adversary I Peter 5:8
God of this age II Corinthians 4:4
Prince of this world John 14:30
Dominion of darkness Acts 26:18
Prince of the power of the air Ephesians 2:2

He Is Animalistic
Serpent Genesis 3:1; Revelation 12:9 -- treacherous, subtle, & deadly
Dragon Revelation 12:9 -- monstrous, violent, combative
Roaring Lion I Peter 5:8 -- powerful and devouring

He Is
Crafty, subtle Genesis 3:1; II Corinthians 11:4; II Thessalonians 2:9

A subtle one is difficult to understand or perceive, obscure; one who is subtle has a keen insight and ability to penetrate deeply and thoroughly

Beguiler Genesis 3:13; II Corinthians 11:3 -- to lead by deception

Liar Genesis 3:1-5; John 8:44; Acts 5:3

Accuser Job 1:6-12, 2:1-6; Romans 12:10

Tempter Matthew 4:1-8; I Thessalonians 3:5

Murderer John 8:44

Thief John 10:10

Resister Zechariah 3:1 and 2

Death Dealer Hebrews 2:14

Revelation 12:10 The accuser

Job 1:6-12, 2:1-7 The accusation against Job was that his love and loyalty to God were based entirely upon the things that God had blessed him with. The accusation was founded in a false assumption and designed to hurt God and Job. The motive and intent was evil

Job 13:4, 16:2, 42:7 Three concerned, sincere friends

Job 4:1-21 The three men made wrong judgments, drew false conclusions, and wrongfully accused Job

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