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The Mystery
By Rev. John Cortright on 04/11/2010


Through a study of the Scriptures, one can gain insight about the Messiah. His death, sufferings, and resurrection are all prophesied in the Old Testament. However, until these events actually happened, the wisdom of God was veiled in a mystery.

Acts 13:22-27; 17:1-3; 26:22-23; 28:23 The Apostle Paul used the Hebrew Scriptures in teaching these New Testament realities.

I Corinthians 15:3 and 4 The Scriptures (the Old Testament) tell of the death and resurrection of Christ.

Romans 16:25-26 The mystery was kept secret since the world began. Paul used the Old Testament Scriptures -- the Scriptures of the prophets -- in revealing the truths relating to the mystery in the book of Romans. Romans 15:9 (quote from Psalms 18:49 & II Samuel 22:50); Romans 15:10 (quote from Deuteronomy 32:43); Romans 15:11 (quote from Psalms 117:1); Romans 15:12 (quote from Isaiah 11:10)

I Corinthians 2:6-8 Had the princes of this world known the wisdom of God in the mystery, they would not have crucified Jesus Christ.

What's the Mystery???

Mystery: something not understood or beyond understanding; something strange or unknown which has not yet been explained or understood

This definition holds true in Scripture. A mystery is something that is not understood. Jesus taught that the parables revealed "the mysteries" of the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 13:9-13)

The wisdom of God is recorded in the Old Testament Scriptures. However, until God revealed the meaning, the understanding was hidden. It was a mystery. Mark 9:31-32; Luke 9:44-45; 18:31-34

Ephesians 3:1-10 The revelation given to the Apostle Paul put understanding to what Moses and the prophets spoke.

Colossians 1:20-29; 2:1-3 The riches of the glory of this mystery -- Christ in you, the hope of glory! In this mystery of Christ, are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

The Mystery of God is not yet complete. The end has not yet come. (I Corinthians 15:51-52; Revelation 10:7)

Romans 11:18-33 The Mystery of God is filled with depths and riches of wisdom and knowledge.

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